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Black Sheep Jars

Recipes and the Healthy food you need

The Black Sheep "  at your table  "

In these difficult times for the Horeca, we have decided to  support the Black Sheep  in their retraining  :  The  distribution of sterilized jars.

Their working philosophy has always been to  favor the short circuit  and it is thanks to their local suppliers that they are now reconverting their activity.

They chose sterilization because it provides:

  • a use-by date of one year

  • storage in the open air and not in a refrigerated space

  • maintaining all the flavors of their cooked dishes 

  • the returnable glass jar, therefore reusable  

Here is what they offer you:

  • Mouton Noir canned balls  (2pieces) - 750 gr

  • Boulets à la Provençales  (2 pieces) - 750 gr

  • Mouton Noir cassoulet  - 1100 gr or 2200 gr

  • Chili con carne black sheep style  - 700 gr or 1400 gr

  • The real Bologna stew  - 700 gr or 1400 gr

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