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Méli's counter 

Recipes and the Healthy food you need

The Méli counter




A selection of local and / or seasonal products is offered in the grocery store.

Organic products or products produced according to reasonable production methods are preferred.

Wherever possible, the selection of products favors artisanal products. During the meetings, industrial or semi-industrial products are replaced by products from artisans or producers.


The Méli counter is

- a selection of groceries to help you with your daily shopping,

- delicatessen products for gourmet discoveries or filled baskets  

- articles for wellness, cooking and decoration.


Here are the criteria for product selection  


- the shortest possible circuit between the producer / craftsman and the end customer

- organic or otherwise reasonable, responsible production

- a fair price for the producer / artisan  

- products that respect the seasons and natural rhythms

- as few kilometers as possible when an equivalent product is available

- as soon as possible, reduction of packaging

- original, innovative products,  


Thank you for your support to the project of a different and reasoned consumption.

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