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If you are looking for paleo or Low carb menu, these are for you.  3  meals for 4  people


If you are looking for a paleo or low carb menu, these are for you.  3  meal for 4 people


Wenn Sie nach einem Paleo- oder Low-Carb-Menü suchen, sind diese für Sie geeignet.  3  Mahlzeiten für 4 Personen





Garlic: 1 Pc

Brown mushrooms: 250 Gr
Organic lemon: 1 Pc
Butternut squash: 2 Pc
Zucchini: 1 Pc
Shallot: 2 Pc
Green beans: 350 Gr
Mixture of mushrooms: 500 Gr
Onion: 2 Pc
Spring onions: 1 Pc
Ginger: 15 Gr
Flat parsley: 20 Gr
Tomme de Savoie 100 g: 1 Pc
Cod fillet 250 g: 2 Pc
Almonds: 30 Gr
Almond butter: 1 Pc
Balsamic vinegar cream: 1 Pc
Lentils in jar: 2 Pc
Soba noodles: 2 Pc
Tamari: 1 Pc
Chicken fillet 240 g: 2 Pc

Keto - Low Carb 3-4

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Keto - Low Carb 3-4
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