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Thai Fondue


A delicious Thai broth and vegetables, accompanied by various seafood and fish (Salmon, Scallops, Scampi)

Healthy and Delicious!


Package of frozen shrimps: 1 Pc

Garlic: 1 Pc

Lemongrass stick: 2 Pc

Bok Choy: 2 Pc

Broccoli: 1 Pc

Soybean sprouts: 200 Gr

shitake: 250 Gr

Ginger: 25 Gr

Coconut milk 400 ml.: 1 Pc

Scallops 400g: 1 Pc

Salmon without skin 250 g: 2 Pc

Turmeric powder: 2 Gr

Golden Curry: 8 Gr

Mayonnaise: 2 Pc

Jasmine Rice: 2 Pc

Maple syrup: 1 Pc

Thai-Fondue 4

139,00 €Preis

We will replace or refund any ingredients that are not delivered in good condition.

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